Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost and found

Max and I have spent many, many hours watching Lost on Netflix. We started Season 1 in January and completed Season 6 yesterday evening. This show was amazing. I have no idea how anyone could stand to watch Lost episode by episode once a week for 6 years. It is nonsense. Max and I could take 4-5 episodes in one sitting and that is being modest. We wanted to watch it for a while, but we knew well the commitment involved in starting something so huge. Having finally convinced ourselves to take the plunge, we are so happy that we did. I am not going to act like I have a complete understanding of it all, but who cares. The journey was fun, but I am glad to have my life back. That said, thank you J.J. Abrams, for making great TV. I salute you.

What is next on the agenda? Catching up on all of the episodes of The Office, Community, Outsourced, Fringe and lots of other favorites that we have stashed away until we finished Lost.
Oh television happiness. <3


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