Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting organized.

It was a glorious day in Cincinnati yesterday, 75 and sunny. It was so nice driving with all of the windows down. Since this weekend is officially the start of Spring, I suppose it is time to begin my Spring cleaning. Max and I are heading over to Ikea tonight and this weekend I am going to work on organizing our office/my business/my hobbies/our textbooks/other things that are currently littered all throughout our second bedroom upstairs. 

Also, this weekend is special because tomorrow (3/20) is Heather's birthday (pretty much the most awesome BFF a girl can get) and my F-I-L Glenn/Max's dads birthday (3/21).
Even though Heather is in Portland, I will be celebrating with her in spirit and when she comes home in 2 weeks, she will get her present I got her. So, cheers to a productive weekend!

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  1. it's hard being so far from the ones we love, and i think it is SO sweet that you guys are still so close. Happy Birthday to the March Babies out there!